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TVS GOLD Ps2 Bharat wired keyboard


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  • Mechanical
  • Keys with long life
  • Wear resistant key tops
  • Sculpted keycap profile


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Product Description

High Performance

Avid gamers as well as workaholics will both appreciate the well-designed structure of the TVS-e Bharat Gold PS2 Wired Keyboard. Compatible with the PlayStation 2 game console, this Gold PS2 Wired Keyboard provides you a seamless gaming and typing experience reducing work stress or giving uninterrupted entertainment. The Gold Wired Keyboard features sculpted and laser-etched keys that deliver an efficient performance to maximize your productivity for presentations, social networking, documentation or your virtual battlefields. There are 104 keys on the frame covering all the standard alpha-numeric/F buttons, navigation controls, page up/down, delete, home, end, insert etc. and you can use these durable keys for long due to the 50 million strokes endurance power of each key. Having a robust build overall, the Wired Keyboard allows you to continuously use its keys for extended periods through your intense business schedules or hard gaming sessions.

Practical Structure and Use

The soft and low-profile keys of the Gold PS2 Wired Keyboard are comfortable to feel under your fingertips. These keys have also been evenly placed on a wide frame leaving neat spaces in between to allow for you an ergonomic typing/gaming. The feather-touch keys and the compact, light weight design of the Wired Keyboard give you a great ease-of-operation as you multitask on your PS2. Even the device’s installation would not consume much of your time with the plug-and-play simplicity of this Wired Keyboard. Sporting an elegant exterior with the new rupee symbol imprinted, the Wired Keyboard can be your stylish computer accessory. This useful peripheral also has a rounded frame with one upper side elevated allowing you easy visibility of the keys. You can also keep this Wired Keyboard clean and spotless using any dry cloth, cotton balls or soft brush as it demands a low maintenance.


From the Manufacturer


TVS-e Bharat Gold PS2 Wired KeyboardThe TVS-e Bharat Gold PS2 Wired Keyboard is a true Indian at heart as it is manufactured in India, features the new Rupee symbol and yet meets all the international standards. The keyboard has a classy design with a curved frame and raised upper side. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for typing as well as for gaming. This TVS-e keyboard is built for PS2 connectivity and offers efficient control over the console so you can enjoy hours of gaming without stopping. It provides easy plug-and-play convenience so you can carry it with you wherever you want to and enjoy gaming with your friends and colleagues.

The Bharat Gold keyboard has a smooth performance when it comes to typing. It features 104 keys and every key packs 50 million strokes. This means that you can keep using it for years together without fail. The keys on this PS2 keyboard are sculpted and laser-etched to deliver excellent performance on every hit. Moreover, they are equally spaced and have a feather-touch feel such that you can type easy and yet it registers the impact with maximum responsiveness.

This wired keyboard supports Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista operating system and offers a slick performance every time. It has a durable frame and can resist minor falls and bumps. Also, it is ROHS enabled, which means that it restricts the use of hazardous substances and is completely safe for daily use. The maintenance and cleaning part of it is also very easy. You just need to cover it from dust, wipe it from time to time and avoid water spillage to retain its smooth functionality. You can now buy this TVS-e keyboard online on Amazon and it will be delivered to you for ready use.

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